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Articole straine
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Sectiunea va cuprinde o selectie a unor articole publicate in reviste straine.

Pina la momentul la care selectia va fi realizata la un nivel acceptabil, va invit sa cercetati in revistele straine care permit accesul on line gratuit la articolele publicate. O lista restrinsa a acestora puteti gasiti la

Tara Boland - Single-sex public education: equality versus choice

Shaun D. Pattinson - Paying living organ providers

Simon Cooper - Human rights and legal burdens of proof

Anthony Bradney - Choosing laws, choosing families: images of law, love and authority in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bev Clucas, Kath O'Donnell - Conjoined twins: the cutting edge

Penny Brooker, Anthony Lavers - Commercial lawyers' attitudes and experience with mediation

Andrew Tettenborn - From chaos to cosmos - or is it confusion?

Kirstie Best, Rob McCusker - The scrutiny of the electronic communications of businesses: striking the balance between the power to intercept and the right to privacy?

Tamra M. Boyd - Keeping the Constitution's promise: an argument for greater judicial scrutiny of federal alienage classifications

Kevin O'D. Driscoll - The Origins of a judicial icon: Justice Brennan's Warren court years

Kenneth A. Laretto - Precedent, judicial power, and the constitutionality of "no-citation" rules in the Federal Courts of Appeals

Christopher Edgar - The Right to freedom of expressive association and the press

Mark A. Hall - Law, medicine, and trust

Henry E. Smith - The language of property: form, context, and audience

Eric A. Posner - Do States have a moral obligation to obey international law?

Gerald L. Neuman - Human rights and constitutional rights: harmony and dissonance

Carol Brennan - The victim personal statement: who is the victim?

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